Grant Management Survival Tips

An Amplifund Webinar Series

Webinar #1 - Indirect Costs: Knowledge is Power

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Survival Tip #1: Protect your funds.

Indirect Costs: Knowledge is Power

Many grant managers do not calculate the indirect costs of their federally funded grant programs. So, it may come as a surprise that, on average, 30-40% of total program costs are actually indirect (think IT support, HR, Payroll). As a result, these programs are, ultimately, subsidized by the General Fund. This likely negatively impacts the organization and limits the long-term viability of your programs.

Join us for this webinar where we will break down the common misconceptions around indirect costs and share the necessary steps to recover those costs. You’ll discover how to achieve better fiscal health by maximizing federal funding through Indirect Cost Recovery.

In this webinar, learn how to:

  • Understand the true costs associated with federally funded programs
  • Know the power of your indirect cost
  • Sustain your ARPA and grant-funded programs for the long term
  • Inject your General Fund with unrealized revenue

You'll walk away with:

Our Indirect Costs Explainer to help guide you through the steps necessary to implement an indirect cost rate for your organization.

Nicolie Lettini_headhot

Nicky Lettini, MBA

Director of Cost Allocation & Indirect Cost, Cherry Bekaert

As a Director in Cherry Bekaert's Advisory practice and Government & Public Sector (GPS) industry group Ms. Lettini is a nationally recognized, industry leader in indirect cost allocation and total cost of service studies. She has dedicated over two decades of her career to this field and has prepared over 850 complete cost allocation plans and cost of service studies nationwide in varying sizes of State and Local governments.

Ms. Lettini works with federal and state agencies during their auditing process of cost allocation plans and ICRP’s. Of those she has prepared, she has achieved a 100% success rate of approval for her clients. She has managed to save almost $1B of reimbursements from getting wrongfully thrown out of audits for clients.

Grant Management Survival Tips Webinar Series

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